The importance of quality education is widely recognised in Zambia, and we appreciate the need to raise an informed and educated generation.

We are fortunate enough to be able to provide the opportunity for education for many children, and over the years we have set up a number of schools spread across the local towns and villages. We take tremendous pride in our top-performing schools – Livingstone Pre-School, Kings Primary School, Malime Pre-School, Ngweze Community School and Muzoka Pre-School – and we are passionate about giving children the opportunity to learn.

The Livingstone Pre-School, based on the Rainbow Trust Africa site, is a great place for young children to learn, have fun and make friends. With a purpose built classroom block, we ensure that we provide our children with a clean and suitable environment. We have also been generously provided with new desks and chairs, and many toys and games that the children love. Our facilities include spacious classrooms, access to a newly built multi-purpose school hall, a sleeping room, playground and a covered cafeteria area. We are pleased to say that the Livingstone Pre-School is very popular and has a waiting list, although some places are always reserved for children of needy families requiring sponsorship.

The King’s Primary School is our second school based on the Rainbow Trust Africa site and has been running for over 15 years. We are able to provide education to hundreds of children, accommodating for all nine primary school grades. Many of the children attending King’s Primary School are sponsored, enabling them to gain an education that would otherwise be very difficult. We have seen fantastic success at the primary school, consistently achieving some of the highest results in the Southern province, and so it comes as no surprise that there is great demand for places. Therefore we are continuously striving to grow and expand in order to enable us to take on more pupils. King’s Primary School offers students clean and comfortable classrooms, a large sports hall, a music room, a computer lab, expansive playing fields, as well as the facilities offered to the Livingstone Pre School.

In 2002 we established a pre-school in Malime village, 40 minutes outside Livingstone. As with the schools on the Rainbow Trust Africa base, Malime Pre-School has seen success and growth. The children are being well prepared for the time when they will join the government school a few kilometres away, and they will join with many advantages having already experienced pre-school.

Ngweze Fishing Community includes 6 villages which hug the banks of the Zambezi River in an area subject to flooding through the rainy season, when the district becomes inaccessible except by canoe. The nearest school is 20 kilometres away, a distance too far for young children to travel. Rainbow Trust Africa agreed to enter into partnership with the local community and the Ministry of Education in order to finance and construct a primary school to provide for the 300+ children who have no access to education. The project was completed and the school became operational in January 2004.

Rainbow Trust Africa has also recently transferred the Muzoka Pre-School, which has been operational for the last few years, from an existing old run down building, to a new facility within the now completed Day Care centre.

We have a desire to see all children given the chance to receive an education. We feel honoured that we have the opportunity to provide this chance to children, and we are committed to continuing to develop our schools and providing education both to those who are fortunate enough to afford it and those who aren’t. There are lots of ways that you can support these projects so feel free to get in touch. Any support would be greatly appreciated.

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