Healthcare is vastly important and is something that should be readily accessed if necessary.

The Mwenda Medical Centre opened in 1998 and following several years of progressive growth it was substantially reorganised and extended during 2004. The facility now includes a reception area, doctors consulting rooms, a nurses’ treatment room, dispensary and an observation room for overnight stays whenever necessary. We have always had a desire to offer quality health care at Rainbow Africa and always saw the need to bring healthcare to remote rural areas as an even more pressing need than that which exists in Livingstone itself.  The strong base that Mwenda represents has enabled such an outreach service to the rural community to be established and progressively expanded over recent years. Mobile health clinics are now a fundamental part of the healthcare provision offered by the Trust. We now oversee five mobile clinics that reach remote rural villages which otherwise could be up to 50km. from the nearest medical help. We are also pleased to employ a full time school nurse who is able to travel to remote villages and locations and offer medical care and advice, whilst also educating children on healthcare and disease prevention.

For seven years Rainbow Africa worked with Vision Aid Overseas in providing support for a two week visit by optometrists from the UK. Eye tests were carried out and appropriate corrective glasses matched to needs from a large selection of second hand spectacles collected, cleaned and labelled in the UK and shipped to Rainbow Africa each year. In recent years Vision Aid have begun to visit and work in Zambia again, and they have seen great success. They now concentrate on teaching local Zambians refraction skills, and use the centre as a base for teaching and accommodation for one and two week periods.

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