One of the projects that we undertake at Rainbow Trust Africa is to provide for ‘Grannies and Orphans’.

Zambia now has a life expectancy of 60 years, a great improvement on the age of 42 just 10 years ago (source: However this is still comparatively low and can have a detrimental impact on families. The most immediate and pressing outcome of this appalling tragedy is that grandparents, often destitute themselves, are left to care for the children of their own deceased offspring. This responsibility is extremely difficult for a lot of grandparents as they are not well enough themselves to provide for their family. Many live in very small homes made of mud and bricks, where although there may not be enough space, they have to take in their grandchildren. Some will spend all their time working in the heat in order to try and provide as much as they can. The circumstances can be extremely difficult and we have a conviction to help those in need.

We want to try and help those that have suffered the heartbreak of losing their loved ones and are now left in such difficult circumstances. Our ‘Grannies and Orphans’ project is currently helping over 15 families by providing them with food, clothing, education, medical care, and in some cases housing. This is a fantastic ministry and one that we are keen to grow and develop. There are many more vulnerable grannies and dependent children that are searching for help, and finance enabling, we can provide shelter, food and a sense of family to those who need it most.

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